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History of Glass Art Society Conferences

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The Glass Art Society holds an annual conference to bring together an international community of glass enthusiasts and artists from every discipline of glass.

- Chronological List of Conference Locations w/ chairs
- GAS Award Winners
- Labino Lecturers: 1993-2015
- Littleton Lecturers: 2015
- Strattman Lecturers: 2005-2015
- Willson Lecturers: 2003-2015


Annual Conference Locations

*With Chairs and Site Coordinators


45th - Corning, NY • June 9-11, 2016
Creating Context: Glass in a New Light
Ellen Corradini, Steve Gibbs, Angus Powers, Michael Rogers, Chris Sharkey

44th- San Jose, CA • June 5-7, 2015
Interface: Glass, Art, and Technology
Steven Aldrich, Susan Longini, Cassandra Straubing, Demetra Theofanous

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43rd - Chicago, Illinois • March 19-22, 2014
Strengthening Community, Collaboration, Forging New Bonds
Glen & Trish Tullman, Deb & John Gross, Angie West

42nd - Toledo, Ohio • June 13-17, 2012
50 Years of Studio Glass: Idea-Impact-Innovation
Margy Trumbull, Jack Schmidt, Herb Babcock, Jutta Page (GAS Board Liaison)

41st - Seattle, Washington • June 1-5, 2011 
Creative Crossroads
Chuck Lopez, Joanna C. Sikes, Cyrena Stefano, Paula Stokes

40th - Louisville, Kentucky • June 10-12, 2010
Ingenious Possibilities
Merrily Orsini, Ché Rhodes, J. Page von Roenn, Brook Forrest White, Jr.
39th - Corning, New York • June 11-13, 2009 
Local Inspiration, Global Innovation
Rob Cassetti, Nancy Earley, Marshall Hyde

38th - Portland, Oregon • June 19-21, 2008 
Forming Frontiers
Jeremy Lepisto, Lani McGregor, Dan Schwoerer

37th - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • June 7-9, 2007 
Transformational Matter
Randi Dauler, Ron Desmett, Karen Johnese, Kathleen Mulcahy

36th - St. Louis, Missouri • June 17 - 19, 2006
Glass Gateways: Meet in the Middle
Jessica Cope, Jim McKelvey, Tracy Varley

35th - Adelaide, Australia • May 7 - 9, 2005 
Matters of Substance
Alison Dunn, Matthew Larwood, Pauline Mount

34th - New Orleans, Louisiana • Jun 10 - 12, 2004 
Elegance, Decadence, Lagniappe
Mitchell Gaudet and Mark Rosenbaum

33rd - Seattle, Washington • Jun 12 - 15, 2003 
Community Catalyst
Penny Berk

32nd - Amsterdam, Netherlands • May 30 - June 1, 2002 
Sources of InspirationDurk Valkema

31st - Corning, New York • Jun 14 - 17, 2001 
At the Crossroads of Art, History, and TechnologyElizabeth Whitehouse and Peter S. Aldridge

30th - Brooklyn, New York • Jun 8 - 11, 2000 
Bridge to the Future
John Perreault and Brett Littman

29th - Tampa, Florida • Apr 29 - May 2, 1999 
Sizzling Sands: Engulfed in Glass
Susan Gott and Lenn Neff

28th - Seto, Japan • May 28 - 31, 1998 
Takako Sano and Michael Rogers


27th - 1997  Tucson, Arizona  Thomas A. Philabaum and Leah Wingfield

26th - 1996  Boston, Massachusetts  Alan Klein and Linda Ross

25th - 1995  Asheville, North Carolina  Richard Eckerd and Katherine Vogel

24th - 1994  Oakland, California  Mary B. White and John Leighton

23rd - 1993  Toledo, Ohio  Jack A. Schmidt

22nd - 1992  Mexico City, Mexico  Ana Thiel

21st - 1991  Corning, New York  Stephen Dee Edwards

20th - 1990  Seattle, Washington  Ginny Ruffner

19th - 1989  Toronto, Canada  Daniel Crichton and Laura Donefer

18th - 1988  Kent, Ohio  Henry Halem

17th - 1987  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  William Carlson

16th - 1986  Los Angeles, California  Christine Robbins and Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend

15th - 1985  New Orleans, Louisiana  Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend

14th - 1984  Corning, New York  William Warmus

13th - 1983  Tucson, Arizona  Kate Elliott and Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend

12th - 1982  New York, New York  Dan Dailey

11th - 1981  Seattle, Washington  Walter Lieberman

10th - 1980  Huntington, West Virginia  Marvin Lipofsky and Henry Halem 

9th - 1979  Corning, New York  Marvin Lipofsky and Henry Halem

8th - 1978  Asilomar, California  Marvin Lipofsky

7th - 1977  Madison, Wisconsin  Audrey Handler and Fritz Dreisbach 

6th - 1976  Corning, New York  Joel Philip Myers and Henry Halem 

5th - 1975  Toledo, Ohio  Henry Halem, Joel Philip Myers, Fritz Dreisbach, Jack A. Schmidt 

4th - 1974  Marietta, OH/Williamstown, WV  Henry Halem

3rd - 1973  Marietta, OH/Williamstown, WV  Henry Halem

2nd - 1972  Penland, North Carolina  Fritz Dreisbach, William Brown, William Bernstein, Mark Peiser 

1st - 1971  Penland, North Carolina  Fritz Dreisbach, William Brown, William Bernstein, Mark Peiser


Award Recipients

View the list of Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards
For outstanding service to the Glass Art Society

View the list of Lifetime Achievement Awards
For exceptional achievement in the field of glass art

Special Lectures

Labino Lecturers

2016 - Dr. Peter Bocko, Enabling and Expressive Medium of the Information Age: Art & Technology of Glass

2015 - Amy Schwartz (moderator), Rob Cassetti, Glen B. Cook Ph.D., Eric Meek, Tina Oldknow, Albert Paley Exploring New Possibilities with Science and Art: Corning Museum of Glass/Corning Incorporated Specialty Glass Residency

2014  - Sophie Kahn and Norwood Viviano Digital Playground: The Power of CAD and 3D Printing

2012  - John Parker Seeing Glass in its True Colors

2011  - Pamela Vandiver Original Sins, Glass Origins: Glass Durability & Other Technological Problems

2010  - Stephen Tucker Glass Furnace Design—From Industry to the Studio

2009  - Dr. Adam Ellison The Art of Glass Science

2008  - Dr. Roger Ely Sustainable Energy for Tomorrow: The Natural Beauty of Light

2007  - Michael Greenman Glass Art & Science – Moving Forward Together

2006  - Dr. Delbert E. Day Glass – From Outer Space to Inner Space

2005  - Chris Sorrell How Science, Art, and History Come Together Through New Techniques in Glass Analysis

2004  - Dr. William LaCourse Sol-Gel and Other Curiosities

2003  - Dr. Carlo Pantano Glass Surfaces: Old, New and Engineered

2002  - Mick Eekhout Limits of the Material

2001  - Frank Woolley & William Gudenrath Technology Helping Art: Making Glass the Way It Wants to Be Made

2000  - Henry E. Hagy Glass Seals and Thermal Expansion Compatibility

1999   - Vladimir A Rakov Lightning Makes Glass (How lightning makes Fulgurites and information on Fulgurites)

1998  - Junji Tanahashi Technical Advancements and Glass Production during the Edo Period

1997   - Dan Watson The Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory Lecture

1996  - A Day at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Introduction by Thomas Eager
            Solid Free-Form Fabrication: Computer Renderings to Solid Artifacts by Michael Cima
            Glass in Architecture: Intentions and Innovations by Ken Kao
            Holography: The Last Stop Before Cyberspace by Betsy Connors
            A Feast of Sounds by Walter Lewin

1995  - Dr. L. David Pye A History of Color in Glass

1994  - Dr Carlo G Pantano The Surface of Glass (The relationship between glass composition and molecular structure, and the way molecular structure controls properties)

1993  - Dr. Robert H. Brill Glass and Glassmaking in Ancient China, and Some Other Things from Other Places


Littleton Lecturers

2016 - Judith Shaechter

2015 - Therman Statom Stories/Contexts


Saxe Emerging Artists Lecture

2016 - James Labold, Ito Laïla Le François, Wil Eldridge Sideman


Strattman Lecturers

2016 - Emily Zilber, Of Our Time: Contemporary Art, Craft, and the Encyclopedic Museum

2015 - Helen Lee, Matthew Szösz, and Alex Rosenberg The Critical Vacuum

2014  - James Yood W(h)ither Glass? The Next 50 Years

2012  - Glenn Adamson The Attack of the Blob: Glass Art and the Will to Form

2011  - Stefano Catalani Memory : Identity :: Signs : Craft

2010  - Peter Morrin A Place For Contemporary Glass

2009  - Bruce Metcalf The Art Glass Conundrum

2008  - Mark L. Johnson Aesthetics of Human Meaning

2007  - Maria Porges A Critique on Criticism

2006  - Janet Koplos Reconsidering Glass

2005  - Kevin D. Murray Painterliness in Contemporary Glass Art


Willson Lecturers

2016 - Buster Simpson Shards of Anthropocene

2015 - Mildred Howard Waiting for Humble Objects to Speak

2014  - Albert Paley Glass & Steel: The Sympathy of Opposites

2012  - Fred Wilson Speak of Me as I Am: Glass Works Made in Venice and Seattle

2011  - Gay Outlaw Coming to Glass From Someplace Else

2010  - Corban Walker Scaling Perception Through a Glass Object

2009  - Pat Oleszko Highlights from a Hi! Life: The Pats to Suckcess

2008  - Ed Carpenter Ed Carpenter: New Work

2007  - Keith Sonnier Coloras Volume

2006  - Nick Cave "Soundsuits" The Beginning, The Middle, and The...

2004  - Bertil Vallien There Must Be a Reason-Traces of the Past, Memories of the Future

2003  - Matthew Kangas Robert Willson: American in Venice

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