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TECH DISPLAY BOOTH MAP - 2012 Toledo, OH conference

SeaGate Convention Center

Available Booths and Reserved Tech Display Vendors

Current as of May 29
All vendors must be current members of GAS through June 2012

AVAILABLE STANDARD - # 36. ($925 USD; $700 for non-profits)
Tech Display is open to conference attendees only until 1pm during demos & open to public from 1-4pm.




In order to give an equal opportunity to all those interested in participating in the 2012 GAS Technical Display, and at the same time reward those who have exhibited in the past, the following lottery system will be used:

  1. Each potential exhibitor completes the online Technical Display Reservation Form (or paper form), stating the number of booths and preferred type they want to reserve, and their 3 preferences for booth assignment (by booth #) based on the map above.
    • PLEASE NOTE all participants must be current GAS members. Also, we are unable to take reservations over the phone. A reservation must be completed online or a completed paper reservation form must be mailed or faxed to the office.
    • Reservations must be received in the GAS office by February 15, 2012, along with a deposit of 50% of the total booth fees.
    • Your completed reservation form becomes a lottery ticket with your company’s name and booth preferences on it.
  2. A lottery ticket will also be prepared for each year since 2003 that you have exhibited in the GAS Technical Display. If you have been a part of the Technical Display every year since 2003, you will have 10 tickets and therefore 10 times the chance of getting your first choice of booth space than a first-time exhibitor. There is still the luck of the draw however.
  3. On or about February 18, 2012 GAS staff will assign booths as the tickets are pulled from a hat. You will be assigned your first, second, or third choice depending on availability. If none of your choices are available, the staff will do its best to assign you to a similar space from those booths not yet assigned. If you paid in full for a Premium Booth but did not receive one, GAS will promptly refund the difference.
  4. The GAS office will notify you of your booth allocation by March 1, 2012. You will then receive an “Exhibitors Service Kit” with shipping and set-up information.
  5. After February 15, 2012 if booth space is still available, allocations will be made as reservations are received.
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The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.