We pledge to work together to eliminate racial injustice and reach racial equity within the glass community by the year 2030. We pledge to work within our individual organizations and businesses, our local communities, and the global glass community to provide opportunities and tear down barriers between Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) populations and our creative community.

While these problems do not look the same in every country, we hope that organizations outside of North America will also sign this pledge and commit to ending racism as it exists in their own country. Likewise, we hope that glass-related businesses will sign this pledge and make modified commitments to replace any below that don’t fit into their business model.

This isn’t a short process. It’s a committed journey of education and actionable steps. To that end, we pledge to form an inter-organizational committee to address the issues of racial equity, access, and diversity within our community.

As individual organizations, we pledge to do the following over the next 10 years:

1-5 years

  • Include ending systemic racism and promoting racial equality and diversity among our core values
  • Work with BIPOC artists to create visible platforms and opportunities to be seen and heard locally and globally
  • Provide ongoing race equity training to all staff, board members, and key volunteers
  • Update policies, procedures, and programs to reflect racial equity
  • Make racial equity an explicit part of organizational decision making
  • Actively recruit BIPOC board members, employees, and volunteers, and ensure hiring processes and staff management practices are inclusive and respectful of BIPOC populations
  • Establish relationships and partnerships with under-represented populations as stakeholders in the community (both the glass community and your local community)
  • Establish collaborations and partnerships with other organizations to provide opportunities to members of BIPOC communities (internationally or domestically)
  • Ensure communications are inclusive and respectful of BIPOC populations
  • Openly share organizational successes and challenges to achieve racial equity
  • Develop, implement, and publicly share action plans aimed at the elimination or reduction of racial barriers within our organization
  • Conduct an annual assessment and realignment of efforts related to racial equity
  • Develop concrete action items for years 6-10

6-10 years

  • Establish collaborations and partnerships with other organizations working to undo institutional racism
  • Expand or develop programming within BIPOC communities to allow individuals to develop a relationship with glass
  • Provide financial assistance to BIPOC individuals to provide exposure and opportunity to work with glass
  • Create opportunities for school-aged children in the BIPOC community that will introduce them to and engage them with glass
  • Ensure Board of Directors is made up of at least one-third BIPOC members
  • Conduct a progress assessment, develop goals, and launch Phase 2

Signed + Supported By:

As organizations/business complete their action plans, we will link to them below. 

Abhilasha Natarajan
Angel Gilding
Antoine Pierini
Art Glass by Patti 
Augusta Glass Studio
Babula Glass
Bailey Shooter Glass
Bay Area Glass Institute
Beyond Raising Awareness
Bender Gallery
Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass
Berlin Glas e.V.
Blob Blob Studio
Break Free Fest
Case Island Glass (Suellen Parker)
Carrie Iverson
Carla Harris Glass
Cecilia Lopez Bravo Glass Jewelry
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Christine Kelsey Studio
Chrysler Museum of Art
Craig Merriman
Crista Matteson
Coachella Glassworks
Debra Ruzinsky
Dragon’s Breath Glassworks
European Glass Context 2021
Evening Neon
Firebird Community Arts
First City Art Center
Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Arts
Forglem Os Ej AB
Funky Dori Art
Garrabrant Glass
Gent Glas vzw
Ghost Pepper Glass
Glass Art Society

Glass Axis
Glassy Arts
Glass by YANi
GlassFractions Studio
Glass Art Kalamazoo
Goli Soda Glass Studio
Gordon Studio Glassblowers
Greg Wright Studio
GYALI studio & gallery
Handler Glass
Hannah Gibson Glass
Heiden & Engle
Hershman Glass
Hilltop Artists Non-Profit
Ian Chadwick Glass Art
Isaac Theobald Glass
Jackson Abbot Glass
Jacksonville University 
Jean M. Fernandes
Jiyong Lee
JMB Glass
Joanna Lloyd Glass
Kitengela Hot Glass
Kribensis Glass Arts
Krul Glass
Lee Harris Studios
Lindsy Marshall Glass
Lisa’s Pieces Glass
Marvin Lipofsky Studio
Magpie Dreams Studio
Make Glass Work
Mayfield Glass
Milkweed Arts
Mosaics by Beets 
Momoko Glass
Montague Gallery
Museum of Glass Tacoma

NC Quin Art 
NC Glass Center
Neusole Glassworks
North Lands Creative
NRD Glass Tools
Nyminal Glass
Objetos con Vidrio
Peter Bremers BV
Pittsburgh Glass Center
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Rachel Bartek Glass
Rachel Escoe Glass
Ravens Nest Designs
Reflective Art Studio
Róisín de Buitléar
RIT Glass Program
Ross Art Studio
Ryan Doolittle Glass 
Salem Art Works
Salt & Sand Studios
Second Best Studio
Schantz Galleries
Spiralglass, Inc.
Stained Glass Association of America
Station Glass
Stern Glass Works
Studio 5 Art Glass
Susan Delaney
Thaw Glass
Thirteen Glasses 
Traver Gallery
Tulsa Glassblowing School
Two Tone Studios
Water Street Glassworks
Wet Dog Glass
Vitrium Collective

And More to Come!

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