Anthony Amoako-Attah

Tell us about yourself.

Anthony Amoako-Attah a current PhD student at the university of Sunderland. He started his artist career from KNUST-Ghana where he did ceramics and later continued to pursue his masters in glass at his current university. Taught as teaching assistant and ceramic technician in KNUST and Sunyani Technical University respectively. Unlike many contemporary artist, Amoako Attah is primarily self-taught, [and his] work focuses on migration, integration, dislocation and life chances. Anthony put his traditional Kente designs and Adinkra symbols on glass through printing of glass powders and enamels through kiln forming techniques making the glass look like a woven or printed fabric. “I see glass as [the] host upon which I feed as a parasite to bring about my personal and cultural identity.”

What draws you to the material/process you work with?

[I am drawn by] the property of the material to follow to the shape you want. 

What themes do you pursue in your work?

Rites of passage, transition, and “Ghana Must Go”

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