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Now accepting conference site proposals for 2022 & beyond

Following are guidelines and information needed in order to consider a proposal. For more information, contact GAS Executive Director Brandi Clark at 206.382.1305 or by email at

The annual Glass Art Society conference is held in a different city every year. Every effort is made to choose cities with a focus on glass, vibrant community, and with top-notch facilities.


2020 Småland, Sweden


Past Conferences



The GAS Board of Directors is interested in creative proposals that still include the required conference events. These required events are International Student Exhibition, Technical Display, Opening Ceremonies, opportunities for sharing (i.e. lectures, demonstrations, etc.), social events (opening and closing parties), Live & Silent Auction, Goblet Grab, and the Education & Professional Resource Center.

Download the application.
  1. Please tell us where you see the following events taking place and several possible scenarios for the conference itself. You should include information on costs, availability and why this site/city would be appropriate for a GAS conference.

    Please include:

    • Prospective conference sites: such as a hotel, convention center, school or cultural center
    • Accommodations: what hotels are available in the area, price ranges and the potential for low-cost student housing
    • Potential demonstration sites
    • Exhibition spaces
  2. What potential pre- and post-conference tour and special events sites are available in your region?

  3. What long-term effects would you hope hosting a GAS conference would have on your local glass community?

  4. What long-term effects would you hope your conference would have on GAS?



Fundraising in the host city is an important component of GAS' annual budget. Because of the nature of our activities, fundraising is usually done around the conference itself. Please be aware that each conference is expected to pay for itself, generate half of the organization's annual administrative costs, and half of the cost of the annual GAS Journal. This usually requires raising a minimum of $150,000 from the conference site city itself in addition to in-kind contributions to support the conference activities. Revenue can be generated from grants, corporate support, individuals, collectors' and fundraising events, and/or other creative ideas. Please discuss the potential for funding from your area.


It has been our experience that though it is a lot of work to host a GAS conference, the long-term benefit to you and your community will make it clearly worth the effort. GAS conferences have been known to galvanize and electrify the community of artists who come together to present their region to GAS members from around the world. We do not, however, underestimate the commitment needed by the local committee members.
  1. Who are the proposed site co-chairs? Why are they interested, what do they bring to the effort, and are they aware of the commitment needed for an undertaking of this scope?
  2. What volunteer pool is available in your community to assist in this effort?


What years would you like GAS to consider hosting a conference in your community? GAS conferences have always been held in the spring. Are there particular months that are best? Are some venues only available at specific times of the year (e.g. student housing)?


Please discuss why your community would be appropriate as a GAS conference site. What's special?

The GAS Board of Directors wants to be clear that an effort of this magnitude will take several years of commitment, time and effort. Are you capable of this kind of commitment? Do you have the time?

Submit Proposals to:

Email: with subject line, CONFERENCE SITE PROPOSAL


Glass Art Society
Attn: Conference Site Proposal
2208 NW Market St., Suite 200
Seattle, WA  98107

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.