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#GASFilmFriday 2012 Rowney Demo
posted on 11:54 AM, August 18, 2017

Hey everybody! It's another fabulous #GASFilmFriday! This week we are flashing back to 2012, when artist Thomas Rowney and his crew demonstrated how to construct a Venitian-styled, cane-worked, footed...
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posted on 8:05 AM, August 14, 2017

Tell us about yourself!  I am an artist, designer, administrator, and educator with an avid love of frozen treats. I currently live in Norfolk VA, where I am the Program Assistant at the Chrysler Museum...
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#GASFilmFriday 2001 Oral History Project
posted on 9:33 AM, August 11, 2017

Grab some friends, gather around the furnace, and listen to today's #GASFilmFriday. This Oral History Project presents legendary stories from the early days of glass with Fritz Dreisbach, Sylvia Vigiletti,...
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