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MEMBER MONDAY: Xiao Tai, Shanghai, CHINA
posted on 9:31 AM, March 12, 2018

-- Tell us about yourself! -- My name is Xiao Tai. Xiao is my surname which is pronounced Shaw. I'm from Shanghai, China. At present I am a glass artist, designer and professor at a university. As a...
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MEMBER MONDAY: Angela Ferraris, Turin, ITALY
posted on 9:51 AM, March 5, 2018

 Tell us about yourself … After my schooling, Artistic high school and Academy of Fine Art in Turin, the city where I was born and I live, I spent many years freehand drawing and painting with tempera,...
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MEMBER MONDAY: Vittorio Costantini
posted on 10:51 AM, February 26, 2018

Tell us about yourself...I was born in 1944, on the Island of Burano, which is near Murano and situated in the lagoon of Venice, Italy. I began my apprenticeship in a glass factory, in Murano, at the...
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