Thank you for an amazing conference Toledo!

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Thank you for an amazing conference Toledo!

posted on 2:57 PM, June 29, 2012
ClosingNightParty2012Toledo_featuringGASPresident_JeremyLepisto.jpgOver 1,200 participants from twenty-five countries and forty US States came to Toledo for the 42nd annual conference "Idea-Impact-Innovation:50 Years of Studio Glass".

Thanks to all the attendees, donors, supporters, venues and sponsors.

ClosingNightParty2012Toledo_featuringCo-Chair_MargyTrumbull.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about this conference...
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Sneak a peak at the Closing Night Party photo booth snapshots  by Grand Lubell
Glass Fashion Show - see the creations modeled on the runway Toledo Blade
Missed it? See the works shown at the International Student Exhibition

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.