In Memoriam: Jiří Harcuba (1928 - 2013)

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In Memoriam: Jiří Harcuba (1928 - 2013)

GAS says goodbye to a legend in the glass world
posted on 2:17 PM, July 26, 2013
Jiří Harcuba (1928-2013)

Harcuba 2 picsThe Glass Art Society is deeply saddened by the loss of Czech artist, Jiří Harcuba, one of the great glass artists of our time and the recipient of the 2007 GAS Lifetime Achievement Award. Harcuba passed away on July 26, 2013, due to complications with pneumonia. He was well-known for his techniques in cutting and engraving, creating intricate portraits of friends, artists and historic figures. In addition to teaching at numerous institutions around the world, including Pilchuck Glass School and the Corning Museum of Glass, Harcuba was also an instructor for many years at the Academy of Applied Arts and founded the Dominik Biman School in the Czech Republic. In 1979, he was held as a political prisoner for designing a medal that condemned the 1968 invasion of Prague by the Soviet troops. After this "minor setback" he continued his career as an independent artist and teacher, inspiring many new artists in the world of glass.

Our thoughts are with Jiří Harcuba's family, friends and admirers. He was a truly wonderful artist and will be greatly missed. We would like to share with you his lecture from the 2007 GAS Journal, "Engraving, My Heritage."

Click here to read his lecture now.

Above: Jiří Harcuba receiving the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award from GAS Executive Director, Pamela Koss

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