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Member Monday: Elizabeth Devereaux

posted on 8:42 PM, March 7, 2016
Photo: University of Missouri, Newman Center Chapel, Columbia, MS


Tell us about yourself! 

I am Elizabeth Devereaux of Devereaux Architectural Glass in Chico, CA. Founded in 1969, we are a large architectural glass art studio for churches and public buildings in the US and Canada, with 3-7 employees.

Why do you work with glass as a medium?  
I originally loved watercolor and silkscreen because of their transparent, subtle layered effects. Then I discovered glass! I studied 2 years in Europe and soaked up both antiquity and interesting contemporary architecture. Architectural glass was a natural alliance.

What themes do you pursue in your work?
My work is always site-specific and collaborative, so there is much diversity from one to the next. The qualities of light itself - projection, prismatic effects, and particularly the day/night, positive/negative effects of reflective materials and lusters - have always intrigued me. And the use of pattern too, allows for layers of meaning to be discovered.

What is your dream project?
A commission with a highly creative architect, and a client who respects the artist's expertise, and who encourages conversation between the building, the glass, and the design intent. (Like the project I just finished)

Why are you a member of GAS?
When I started, flat glass and blown glass were allied and equally known, but through Pilchuck and and the exchange of glass artists throughout the world, and the success of GAS as an organization, hot glass has very successfully grown and formed a global glass community. I like being part of that larger community. The one area it has not focused on much is liturgical art glass. For a long time liturgical glass had its own community, but much of both liturgical and public art glass related to architecture is in a big shift now because of new possibilities in technology.

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