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posted on 3:55 PM, September 6, 2016


Tell us about yourself!
I am a compulsive creative type who will disintegrate if I go to long without making music or art. I live in Costal Virginia and have worked with glass since 1995. Like most glass artists, I saw the material, I tried it, I couldn’t stop.

What draws you to the material you work with, and why have you chosen the processes that you use in your work?
I like the immediacy of working with glass and all of its magical properties. It is a vehicle to transport and change light, which is wild. As a sculptural material it is always challenging and rewarding.

What themes do you pursue in your work?
I make surreal anthropomorphic blown and hot sculpted work in collaboration with my wife Julia, and on my own I create installations with glass, light, sound and geometry.

What is your dream project?
One that when people encounter it their minds are opened and they are forever changed for the better.

If you weren't working in this field, what career would you choose?
I’d probably be a street musician or a car mechanic.

What's something about you that most people don't know?
I’m actually part woodland elf.

Why are you a member of GAS?
GAS is a great, great organization that accepts anyone warmly and openly and creates a feeling of community.

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