posted on 10:15 AM, May 29, 2017
Moretti Black Widow

Tell us about yourself!
I started melting glass more than 16 years ago with a MAPP torch that orange glow has had me mesmerized by the material ever since. My passion for flameworking glass beads eventually led me to study glassblowing at the University of Nebraska, in my hometown of Kearney. I'm currently part of the Corning Museum of Glass for the Museum's Make Your Own Glass team at The Studio. Continuing my personal work as an independent artist, I sell unique creations throughout the country online also in various museums, shops and galleries.

What draws you to the material you work with, and why have you chosen the processes that you use in your work?
I have always been somewhat of a pyromaniac. I found glass to be a socially acceptable way to play with fire and be productive. . I'm drawn to the fact that when you start to make something, it literally could be anything in the world that you want to make. The limitless possibilities are what excite me. The physicality of working a large piece out of the furnace. That gets my heart going every time I gather. I love creating on the pipe for it's intensity and immediacy. Working on the torch the intricacy and precision. 

What themes do you pursue in your work?
The continually ongoing theme of exploration and betterment, are the foundation of my work. I try to create work different and unique, compared to the work I have seen, adding various ideas to an established technique. Trying it out and learning what happens along the way. My failures have taught me more than my success has. I enjoy sandblasting my work in various ways to make something that more interesting. Various blasting techniques from brush-blasting a ornament, carving out a lip or area on a vessel, or my favorite; photo sandblaasting! 

What is your dream project?
My dream project would be to build my own studio, with a hot shop. I love to blow glass, melt rods and tubes on the torch, and throw pots on the potters wheel. A complete studio of my own, one that I could open up to the public. Being able to teach classes on what I know to people wanting to learn. While having time for advancement and evolution of my own creations. Filling custom and purchase orders for a growing customer base. In other words, be able to make a living off of my art, pay my bills from it. Wake up and do what I love to do, everyday. Do that and show as many people as I can along the way, the awesomeness of glass!

Why are you a member of GAS?
I am a member of GAS for many reasons, the community, exposure, resources, and opportunities all come to mind. The 2016 GAS Conference was here in Corning this year. Being able to be involved in the conference made being a member a lot more exciting to be able to interact with the whole amazing community that is amongst us here in the glass world.


Tungsten Pickled Red Vase
Poisonous Frogs

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