posted on 8:01 AM, October 9, 2017

Tell us about yourself!
I am a Seattle-based artist currently working as the Operations Supervisor at Pilchuck Glass School. While I remain active with my personal studio practice, I am further enriched to be DJABC, one third of the Flock the Optic collective.  

What draws you to the material you work with, why have you chosen the processes that you use in your work?
I enjoy the generous sharing of information in the glass community. It keeps the material feeling alive. I sense that we collectively influence the direction of the material in an immediate way. The community aspect encourages me to remain active working with glass to continue in the material dialogue both by generating artwork and also with didactic discourse with those who pursue it as a predominant material of investigation.

What themes do you pursue in your work?
I am at play | with time | it is true, I carry with me an ever-present mindfulness | although I experience time in an arbitrary way | the present is simply a successive moment | the indivisible limit of the future speeding away from the past | I mediate between myself and multiple parts | a continuum of relation with objects referencing a past state of action | collapsing and expanding between generality and identity | a kind of survival to stave of finality | parts from the past, re-arranged and given the hope of a new present | t i m e will always stop its momentum as the viewer’s gaze fixates its state | I am free though, to continue play | until time stops

What is your dream project?
It more of a scale ambition than a dream project. I continue to work toward room-sized installations- immersive environments that impose on the viewer. I hope to realize a modest attempt at an environment this next summer 2018.  

If you weren’t working in this field, what career would you choose?
This is it for now. I don't need to consider another career.  As artists we can occupy our time however we need to for gaining insight, including temporary wonderment in other experiences outside our daily glass routine.

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?
I’m in a band codenamed Trash Cooler. 

Why are you a member of GAS?
​​​​​GAS organizes a worldwide network of people that identify with glass. Facilitating that network by organizing activities, where members gather to learn and share our knowledge and ambitions. I continue membership to stay connected to something greater than a physical material. 



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