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Member Mondays

posted on 10:30 AM, August 5, 2019

Member Mondays

Recommend someone or yourself! 

As part of our mission to promote the appreciation and development of glass arts and artists, we choose an artist to feature on GAS Member Monday to post on our website and social media pages.

If you are interested in being highlighted, please send an email to with a maximum of 5 answers from the questions listed below and 4 clean images that are 1080 px X 1080px. Please be sure to send your best quality images! We also ask that you keep your answers short, 1-2 sentences in length.

  • Tell us about yourself! (Background, name, location, work, how you began working with glass, etc.)
  • What draws you to the material you work with, and why have you chosen the processes that you use in your work?
  • What themes do you pursue in your work?
  • What is your dream project?
  • If you weren't working in this field, what career would you choose?
  • What's something about you that most people don't know?
  • What would you like to see GAS do for the glass community?
  • What place inspires your creativity?
  • If you could buy the work of any artist currently working in glass, who would that be?

In addition, please check your member page to make sure it is up to date and let us know any social media addresses to tag. If you have any videos you’d like to include, share your Vimeo or Youtube addresses too. Don’t hesitate to contact GAS if you have any questions.


Past Member Monday Artists: Don Friedlich, Robert Cappelli, and Sini Majuri


The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.