Vittorio Costantini

Vittorio Costantini

Venice, , ITALY


Vittorio Costantini was born in 1944, on the island of Burano, which is near Murano. He began an apprenticeship in a glass factory at the early age of 11. Vittorio always had an innate fascination for nature, discovered when he went fishing (with the big nets) together with his grandfather, his father and uncles: Birds in the sky, fish in the sea, flowers in the lagoon of Venice, insects in the ground... From these experiences and the techniques learned in the factories Vittorio creates his flameworked pieces.


  • flame/lampworking


Business Name:
Costantini Vittorio Lavorazione Del Vetro A Lume
Fondamente Nuove
Calle del Fumo, 5311
Venice, N/A 30131