Julie Conway

Julie Conway

Seattle, WA, USA


Glass artist, Julie Conway, is the owner and designer of ILLUMINATA ART GLASS DESIGN LLC,
 a glass studio creating functional and sculptural glass art works. Her first molten blob of glass was formed in 1997 and from there, she never looked back. Taking every opportunity to work as a studio assistant to learn glassmaking from her local glass studios & studying with American & European glass masters, she has she has dedicated her practice to refining traditional techniques with a contemporary design aesthetic. Julie incorporates hot glass, flame working and glass casting into her art & design projects. Her journey as a glass assistant for Masters in Venice, France, Spain and Turkey, & the US formed Julie’s glass studio practice and influenced her use of timeless traditions incorporated with modern design aesthetic. Julie operates a vibrant studio, in Seattle WA, where she conducts highly talented teams of glassmakers and contractors to help her execute her commissions, Her main focus is her art-based business, creating dynamic, collectible, art-glass lighting with a flair for modern design & function.  Julie brings 19 years of experience of glassmaking, design & craft, into each blown glass light fixture and sculptural installation. The result is a unique product, signed by the artist, and desired by personal and corporate collectors & clients. “My observations of nature are distilled as they are expressed through the manipulation of molten glass. The simple essence of the object comes to life through breath, shaping liquid into solid. The primordial instinct of fire creating form is timeless and technical all at once.” Liquid light moves with calligraphic intention, with fluid and elegant gestures, whereas a cooled form, now an object, refracts and reflects light magnifying and illuminating our life experience. As an artist, her inspiration is to combine glass forms with light sources to create experiential works that may brighten our physical space and perhaps transform our personal state. “Illuminata” the name of my studio, stems from the Italian Renaissance group of thinkers and artists who expanded consciousness and brought enlightenment to the public. Their daring courage influences many of my artworks and challenges my perceived limitations. I am inspired by our collective human experience and driven to create unique glassworks that bring more light and beauty into the world. Julie melds her creative vision of transcendent experiential suspended light with the realism of architectural structures & requirements, allows for spontaneous design, that comes from the nature of molten glass. Collaborating with architects, designers, collectors & clients to create extraordinary custom, lighted glassworks is her specialty. Illuminata features green, low-energy LED components as well as many recycled materials in many of her lighting installations.   Julie’s unique style has attracted several awards for design, lighting, and artistic accomplishment. Custom created glassworks by Julie are sold & exhibited across the United States & internationally. Projects can range from large hospitality installations including international hotels and restaurants, to development projects, to custom home collections, including museum shows, and award winning architectural tours. Julie is the founder of a non-profit organization (BioGlass.org) that is dedicated to the research, development and use of alternative fuel sources for glassmaking, and offering solutions for an environmental approach to the glass studio practice. Currently, the sustainability and future of this ancient art form is in crisis due to fossil fuels cost of operations and loss of centuries of technique. Her contribution to the lineage of glassmaking has grown into an international group of artists that present this awareness globally.


  • architectural/public
  • casting
  • accept commissions
  • glassblower
  • flame/lampworking
  • Specialize in custom glass art lighting & site specific art installations as well as jewelry production and sales. Public speaking and presentations for Design and Architecture shows and faculty teacher at Pratt Fine Arts Center


Business Name:
Illuminata Art Glass Design LLC
6520 5th Avenue South #126
Seattle, WA 98108