Natali Rodrigues

Natali Rodrigues

Calgary , AB, CANADA


“There is an invisible world out there, and we are living in it.” --Bill Viola Grace is an experience of transcendence, an ephemeral moment, unexpected and not at all predictable. The moment occurs in an almost capricious manner. It mutes the cacophony of everyday life, lifts the veil of existence, revealing the invisible world beyond. This lightening moment is profoundly personal, yet it is a universal human experience, which needs neither spiritual training nor religious belief. Stillness, quiet breath, fullness: these are some of the words I equate with grace. In this moment everything stops, and another world is revealed. When, with one breath, a step, or touch; the liminal becomes a physical experience. It is at this point, this nanosecond of time that we engage with something profoundly human and Other. It is a transformative moment. This is the moment that informs and shapes my practise. My interest in and investigation of the experience of liminal space find voice through two distinct making practises: drawing and glass. I work with them in a coeval way, working with one method and then the other to map out the landscape of my hypothesis. In working this way, I move between a meditative practise and one that is profoundly physical; placing myself in a state where the liminal can be engaged. My work is an attempt to create a system of cartography of liminal space, where what is marked is not in reference to the physical but rather those points where the divine is encountered. It is an attempt to create a place where the numen can be experienced. My objects and drawings endeavor to become a tool for gnosis.


  • glassblower
  • kilnforming
  • flame/lampworking
  • beadmaking
  • coldwork/engraving


Business Name:
Alberta College of Art and Design
1736-17 Ave NW
Calgary , AB T2M 0R9