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Wesley Fleming

Wesley Fleming

Ashfield, MA, USA


Wesley Fleming is inspired by the shapes and colors of nature as well as his wacky imagination, spending his spare time exploring under rocks and logs in the woods outside his home in the hills of western Massachusetts. Wesley began working with hot glass in 2001, learning via apprenticeship and under tutelage of Italian maestros in Venice. He finds great joy in sculpting and feels that lampworked glass is the perfect medium for him. With his glass insects, Wesley mimic actual species with intricate detail, while in other pieces he conjures creatures from dreams. His work can be found at select galleries around the United States, abroad, and at:


  • glassblower
  • accept commissions
  • flame/lampworking
  • glass sculptor


Business Name:
Wesley Fleming, glass sculptor
PO Box 73
Ashfield, MA 01330

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