Kait Rhoads

Kait Rhoads

Seattle, WA, USA


Kait Rhoads is best-known for her innovative use of Venetian blown glass techniques, such asmurrine and filigrana, which she has applied to sculptural forms as well as to vessels. Her process involves weaving pieces of blown and cut glass tubes with copper wire to create flexible looking “soft sculptures.” Her love for murrine making dovetails well into her investigation of growth patterns and biological structures. Kait received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1993, her MFA from Alfred University in 2001.Her collections include the Seattle Art Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, the Corning Museum of Glass, Tacoma Museum of Art, the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Shanghai Museum of Glass.


  • coldwork/engraving
  • accept commissions
  • architectural/public
  • glassblower
  • fusing/slumping
  • Sculptor


Business Name:
Kait Rhoads