William Warmus

William Warmus

Ithaca, NY, USA


The son of a Corning Inc. glassblower, William Warmus is the former Executive Secretary of GAS. A curator and critic, he studied art history and philosophy with the critic Harold Rosenberg and the philosopher Paul Ricoeur while at the University of Chicago. He was later an advisor to the estate of the critic Clement Greenberg. He is currently a Fellow of the Corning Museum of Glass, a member of the board of Urban Glass, on the advisory board of the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, a member of the Collections Committee that approves acquisitions for the Museum of Glass and a contributing editor for Glass Quarterly. He is the co-founder of the social media forum "Glass Secessionism" and the founding editor of the New Glass Review. ____________________ The New York Times profiled him as a Stylemaker, while the University of Chicago magazine described him as a classical modernist. He is the author or coauthor of more than fifteen books including the "Essential Trilogy," a set of biographies published by Abrams of Tiffany, Lalique, and Chihuly, as well as monographs about Tom Patti, William Morris, and Frantisek Vizner. He is at work on his next book, "The True History of Glass?" which is an overview of the art, history, and sociology of contemporary glass. ___________________ As advisor to the Greenberg estate, Warmus engineered the acquisition of his private collection by the Portland (OR) Art Museum, including important works by Pollock, Caro, Noland and Frankenthaler. In 2015, American Craft magazine published "From a Tree to a Web," an essay about Reticulate Aesthetics and an attempt by Warmus to come to terms with the legacy of Clement Greenberg in the context of social media. The essay was selected for reprint in the Autumn 2015 issue of the Utne Reader and Warmus will lecture about it at the SOFA Art Expo in Chicago in November. ___________________ Essay link: http://craftcouncil.org/magazine/article/tree-web ___________________ Warmus became curator of Modern Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass in 1978, where he curated the landmark exhibition New Glass, which was also shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the Louvre. In his seven years at Corning he added over 1200 artworks to the modern collection. Corning curator Tina Oldknow wrote recently of the Warmus era at Corning: "when no one thought studio glass could possibly be viable, the museum collected it, and then organized an international touring show." ____________________ In 1980, while curator at the Corning Museum of Glass, Warmus oversaw the birth of the annual New Glass Review, which surveys thousands of images and selects the 100 most notable artworks in glass for publication. Warmus was a juror for the first five years, and invited notable jurors including Clement Greenberg, Henry Geldzahler, and William Lieberman (while Chairman of 20th century art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art). He continues to jury, most recently as a member of the jury for the Borowsky Prize and the Golden Jury.___________________ Since Corning, Warmus has pursued a career as a curator, historian and appraiser, specializing in modern glass, abstract art, and the aesthetics of the natural environment._______________________ A scuba diver, he has lectured and written about the underwater world, and his photograph of an extraordinary Octopus appeared on the cover of Ocean Realm magazine. One aspect of evolution evident in coral reefs led him to apply his observations there to the emerging field of reticulate aesthetics. Most recently, Kaleidoscope magazine (Milan, 2015), published "Carson Chan Explores the Abyss with William Warmus" as part of its Producer series. The interview investigates connections between the biology of the deep and contemporary aesthetics. _______________ Warmus may be contacted at: warmus@gmail.com.


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