Alain Villechange

Alain Villechange

Gurcy le Chatel, , FRANCE


We offer a poetic world playing the transparency with visual effects, laws of nature as the principle of communicating vessels, which liven up pieces in their use. Containers then are sometimes colored, stirred up playing with their contents. Silently the volumes reveal their secret demanding a particular attention. This range of utilitarian pieces is marked with the marvellous of the childhood, with its spirit of discovery and game. The first collection, in 2000, was moreover called Petites leçons de choses... Recently this range grew rich of tonics decorations in colored glass. Transparency, translucence and opacity get involved in simple and graphic motives. The volumes deliberately uncluttered underline the impact of the dynamic vocabulary. With evocations of the heraldry and the sign posing, games of rhythms and colored combinations make a strong visual impression of movement and vibration ... inciting to manipulate these objects.Demanding and challenging, this new work values the rare expertise and skilfulness required in that flameworking.


  • flame/lampworking


Business Name:
Laurence Brabant & Alain Villechange
20 rue Lamartine
Chalautre la Reposte
Gurcy le Chatel, N/A 77520