Janis Miltenberger

Janis Miltenberger

Lopez Island, WA, USA


Janis Miltenberger is most recognized for her use of glass as an evocative medium. Her life- sized work quietly, personally, addresses her audience face to face. By using familiar objects, such as a cage or chair, to frame her concepts, she draws the viewer into a world of intricately wrought brambles filled with ideas and imagery. Miltenberger has worked with hot glass since 1978, first as an apprentice to Richard Marquis. Later, she concurrently attended Mills College and California College Of The Arts, studying both ceramics and glass. Moving to the Northwest precipitated becoming involved with Pilchuck, Pratt Fine Art Center, and The Glass Eye. There she split her time between supporting herself with production glass blowing and developing her artistic voice. Excited about new possibilities, she recently has embarked on new work, developing an idea for a memory installation, utilizing metal, cast and lampworked glass with interactive lighting.


  • accept commissions
  • architectural/public
  • flame/lampworking


77 Village Rd
Lopez Island, WA 98261-9563