Antoine Pierini

Antoine Pierini



Antoine Pierini is born while his father was setting the kilns in an old olive oil mill at the foot of the village of Biot. While growing up, Antoine watched and listened to everything going on in the glass microcosm through the exhibitions and travelling of Robert. Taught by his father, he acquired the bases of the glass techniques and learnt how to master the melting material at the end of the cane. Together with his father, their slow and precise motion around the furnace look like a ballet in hell. With the famous glass masters he encountered during his travelling, he could enrich his techniques and experiment new methods. His work is close to nature and inspired by Land’s art but in a purer and more modern way. Antoine likes to innovate and does not hesitate to mix different material and the “Dunes”, a set of three pieces, is occasionally presented with beach stranded wood, stones and metal. In his sculptures he can insert gold, metal, small golden air bubbles which look like floating in weightlessness. The shapes are always different but their purity and elegance create harmony. Brancusi used to say : “why speaking about art work when one could just take it in picture !”. So, look and appreciate!


  • coldwork/engraving
  • glassblower


Pierini Contemporary Glass
9 chemin du plan
BIOT, N/A 06410