Suzanne Mears

Suzanne Mears

Oklahoma City, OK, USA


My artwork is primarily kiln formed glass and painting. It's heavily focused on evolving and recurring themes of the mask, things I see around me and things I have grown up with. The most favorite theme is of a tribal pre-history one. The first piece I did in grade school was of an imaginative Easter Island standing figure. My style is contemporary, bold, colorful, whimsical, joyous, optimistic — a positive celebration of life. I like to use heavy texture. My glass compositions are like a collage. Of course, as glass melts it becomes fused and flat or, can maintain a heavy texture. Choice. My degrees are from the University of Iowa - in fine art and art education. Teaching for a few years after university graduation was challenging but it took away from the time I wanted to spend as a professional artist, so teaching still happens once and a while but not often. I became immersed in the creative spirit of kiln formed glass in 2002. Thinking it would be a simple jump from ceramics I soon found the technique demanding. I took workshops from well established glass artists and spent several weeks at the Glass Furnace in Turkey. All of the education paid off and I'm at the point that technique is established and it's all in the creative fun. My glass and paintings are represented by Howell Gallery in Oklahoma City, Pippin Contemporary in Santa Fe, Joseph Gierek in Tulsa and G Gallery in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Some of the major collections are the OU Health Sciences Cancer Center, OUHSC Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, Variety Care Foundation, 501 Restaurant in OKC.


  • architectural/public
  • accept commissions
  • kilnforming
  • fusing/slumping


Business Name:
4317 Butler Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73118