Tom Mattausch

Tom Mattausch

Seattle, WA, USA


Tom Mattausch studied and then taught wheelthrowing ceramics from elementary school through college. After completing a double-major/double-minor undergraduate degree at Seattle Pacific University, he was surprised to find himself building unique sculptural fountains in the back yard of his home in Seattle's art-centric neighborhood of Fremont. Once word spread and private commissions started coming in, he realized that his stifled dreams of a career in art had found their way to reality - despite his best efforts to the contrary. Influences include George Tsutekawa, Antoni Gaudi, Simon Rodia, Dan Corson, Dale Chihuly, Luke Jerram, Roy McMackin, and Howard BenTre. Mattausch thanks Pilchuck, Penland, Centro de las Artes de San Austin, Cork Marcheschi, Rob Stern, Joe Cariati & Adam Holtzinger, Einar & Jamex De La Torre, Scott Benefield, Michiko Miyake – these are some of the people and communities that have helped him to rise to major public and private commissions, only seven years removed from back yard naiveté. To him, art is an adventure running through creativity, meditation, work, hyperextension, relationships, and all the deeper forms of life. Whether they express concepts or merely find deep inspiration in them, the foundation of all his work is focused and flowing, in glass or H2O.


  • glassblower
  • architectural/public
  • accept commissions
  • concrete, electronics, interactive


Business Name:
Ungenda Studios LLC
1223 N 50th St
Seattle, WA 98103