Annette Albert

Annette Albert

Rimouski, QC, CANADA


Member of the Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec and the Corporation Métiers d'art du Bas-St-Laurent, I live in a small village in eastern Québec, Le Bic. The landscapes surrounding my village, the river, the mountains and watercolor practice, seeking transparencies, color combinations and reflections led me to discover and develop a new creative space: glass work. Flow properties of glass heated at different temperatures make endless possibilities of artistic creation, like honey gloss when in full fusion or just "woke up on the surface" to assemble the parts, creating textures or assemblies, and finally suggest a painting. By integrating torch work and glass powders I can shape reliefs in the material, create original textures and make very fine details. Research of interaction between the different techniques leads me towards unexplored places, to a new dimension of the exploitation of light.


  • kilnforming
  • fusing/slumping


Business Name:
Annette Albert
99 de Sainte-Cécile-du-Bic
Rimouski, QC G0L1B0