Jeremy Sinkus

Jeremy Sinkus

Shelburne Falls, MA, USA


'Subterranean designs in glass." "To find a gem you have to dig, to see a fish you have to submerse." When Jeremy started flame working glass in 2003 he found a medium that spoke both water and stone, an abyss of technique and possibility. The fluidity, transparency and color of hot glass brings the ocean out of him and the cold glass the geological connection. For Jeremy, glass is the perfect medium to create sea life and minerals, two of his passions in the natural world. Working glass in two states, both hot and cold brings out two artistic emotions. When hot and molten, the sea's fishes, invertebrates and flow is the place of perception I see and feel. When glass is cool it expresses structure like stones and transparency like gems. Jeremy Sinkus lives and works in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. He uses techniques including flame working borosilicate glass, kiln casting and cold working. Recent mineral works from the AMG line (Artisan Made Gemstones) is a fusion of flame working, casting and cold working techniques. My most resent and important line of work is that "Glass is geological". "The material itself suggests what it wants to be." I was a gem, mineral and fossil collector and dealer before I got into glass. I traveled the country digging for stones and fossils and exhibiting at mineral shows. I bought and sold and became part of that community for years. Glass showed up in my life and became my new gemstone that I had all the characteristics of gems and minerals that I enjoyed so much. The benefits of using glass as a material is that it can be manipulated on infinite levels. After all glass is composed of geological ingredients. including mostly quartz which is the also the main element in many crystals and gemstones. Also what gives gemstones their color is what colors glass. This connection is so obvious to me that the minerals and fossil designs, shapes and characteristics that I enjoy so much can be made as art without boundaries when created in glass. Glass to me in the intentional gemstone. I keep asking the questions how is it not? Member of “Ocean Artists Society” 2015 Solo Exhibit “Glass Aquatic” at Sandwich Glass Museum 2009 Exhibit: Tucson Gem and Mineral show 2017 ( Artisan Made Gemstones) Education: Daniel Clayman, Master Class Kiln Casting 2018 Sculptural Flameworking Study with Milon Townsend 2008 Venetian, hollow form study with Emilio Santini 2010 Scientific Study with Sally Prasch 2003, 2011 Neon, Snowfarm Jake Fishman. 2014 Flameworking borosilciate glass Worcester Center For Crafts 2003 Teachings: Fiamma Glass, Boston Something Phishy Studio, Worcester HGTV Show “That’s Clever” 2006 Demo “Glass Boston” 2013 Snow Farm 2015 HOTS Glass studio 2013-2015


  • accept commissions
  • flame/lampworking
  • glassblower
  • coldwork/engraving
  • neon
  • fusing/slumping
  • casting
  • kilnforming


Business Name:
Jeremy Sinkus Glass
PO Box 326
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370