Matt Durran

Matt Durran

London, , ENGLAND


Matt Durran has an international art practice based in London. He works predominantly within the medium of glass with the added elements of film and photography. Exhibiting internationally, Matt Durran's art work is often revealed through large-scale installations, sculptures and photo-grams which capture the inner world of transparent objects. The installations are predominantly site-specific and constructed from many individually made components creating large-scale multi-faceted pieces. His sculptures are mainly represented forms of the familiar, placed in a context that visually explores and challenges habitual perceptions. The photo-grams show the structure of transparent objects. Many of these objects are created by Matt solely for the purpose of displaying their internal structure. By the manipulation, degradation and stressing of the glass, Matt conjures up new landscapes within the internal characteristic of the material, thus rendering the original glass object unstable and therefore, unable to be shown in a public setting. What's on display is a captured image of this internal landscape. Matt's film collaborations have resulted in several awards notably the The Blessed Factory, set in Russia and winner of the Montpelier Film Festival Glass prize 2012. It represents the language of industry and the artist. For the last few years, alongside his art practice, Matt has been working with leading surgeons and researchers at the forefront of the world of tissue engineering.


  • leaded/stained
  • casting
  • glassblower
  • painting
  • accept commissions
  • architectural/public
  • kilnforming
  • flame/lampworking
  • coldwork/engraving


2A Richmond Rd Leytonstone
London, N/A E11 4BA