Nadania Idriss

Nadania Idriss



Berlin Glas, e.V. is a non-profit glass studio open to the general public, international, professional artists and students the opportunity to work with hot glass in Berlin. As Berlin is the centre for the contemporary art scene, the studio joins together artists working with glass and the abundance of talents that are already in practice in the city. Berlin Glas, e.V.´s mission is to share the art and skill of making art with glass with the public and provide a resource to artists of all media. The underlying message that working in collaboration with international artists who work with various media doesn’t just broaden someone’s artistic capacity, but actually creates a culture of peace. Berlin Glass, e.V. provides a dynamic and friendly studio located in Wedding, within walking distance from the Bildhauerwerkstatt and Ufer Studios. The studio team is composed of graduate-level international artists who are excited to share their knowledge and skills. We offer studio rental time for professional artists with experience in hot glass and we offer classes for beginners in glassblowing, painting on glass – and soon – glass fusing and casting!


  • casting
  • painting
  • glassblower


Business Name:
Berlin Glas, e.V.
Provinzstrasse 42a
Berlin, DE 13409