Steven Ciezki

Steven Ciezki

Phoenix, AZ, USA


Steven Ciezki’s interest in photography, twenty years of drawing, and eight years of technical glassblowing design merge to develop his Sweet Spot series which explores memorialized scenes from his environment. The work utilizes three-dimensional patterning and color of the glass as representational components in ‘forced perspective’ oil paintings. The selected imagery involves a prevalent light source, depth, layering, and required viewer interaction. Steven’s inspiration comes from perceptual phenomenology literature, travel, architecture, and spatial interactions with his environment. He is inspired by contemporary glass artists such as Dante Marioni, Boyd Sugiki, Pablo Soto, William Bernstein, and Richard Meitner. Furthermore, mixed media installation sculptors Bernard Pras, Michael Murphy, Cayetano Ferrer, and Francois Abelanet continue to motivate his creative thought and design.


  • painting
  • neon
  • glassblower


3126 N 6th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013