Martin Hlubucek

Martin Hlubucek

Zelezny Brod, , CZECH REPUBLIC


Martin Hlubucek (*1974), designer and sculptor, graduated of the Specialized High School of Glass in Zelezny Brod and a holder of a master degree at Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno in the Czech Republic. Martin Hlubuček is one of the most promising glass artists of the young generation. His work expresses a mature artistic view with a tendency towards minimalism, his individual style combining endeavour to achieve harmonious balance of form with a sense for the material impressiveness of glass. Hlubuček’s work to date reveals a starting point in the drafts of design, whose essence is clearly directed at original artistic creation. The simple grandeur of the shapes of his vases, bowls and plates emphasises the play of lines, the elegance of detail and light magic. The silky matted surface of artefacts shaped in a mould eliminates the dramatic effects of glittery dazzle. The soft light that seems to emanate from the centre of the form brings about a gentle colour transformation in robust matter and causes a calming impression. His work takes on the character of a mysterious, archetypal object. It then arrives within an architectural space not in the position of interior accessory, but as a fundamental element that attracts and concentrates attention and creates atmosphere. Some work from recent years suppresses even restrained accents of light through the use of entirely opaque glass. However, this does not affect the subconscious perception of the present as a sort of inner fragility and slightness in stark form and in an expression of rigid form. More recent application of modelled elements indicates the artist’s inclination towards a sculptural concept of objects and is a considerable impulse for the onward development of original glass creation by Martin Hlubuček.


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