Magneco Metrel

Magneco Metrel

Addison, IL, USA


Magneco/Metrel, Inc. (MMI) is a privately owned refractory company whose corporate headquarters is located in Addison, Illinois, USA. The company is a leading manufacturer of high performance materials for applications in thermal environments. Consumers of refractories are faced with many challenges aimed at reducing refractory consumption, while improving the performance and maintaining the refractory in a serviceable condition. MMI has gained a reputation for excellence and performance for their innovative range of cement free products, in this respect. MMI is committed to providing products, services, designs, installations and ideas which yield a better value than is available from any other source. The experience gained by concentrating on a specific area gives MMI the flexibility to utilize its ceramic expertise to provide the best products and applications for each specific customer.


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Business Name:
223 W. Interstate Rd.
Addison, IL 60101