Joy Munshower

Joy Munshower

San Diego, CA, USA


Joy graduated from SJSU with a degree in Design with an emphasis in Ceramic Studio Practices. After college, she lived in Germany for a few years, explored most of central Europe and the United Kingdom and then returned to graduate studies at CSU Fresno for Sculpture specializing in lost-wax bronze casting.Joy spent most of her twenties as a professional sculptor selling her bronze wildlife sculptures through the Nature Company, Natural Wonders and Nature Crafts. Those contracts were completed in conjunction with Joe Vaca of Honor Excellence in San Francisco, CA. For more than 20 years Joy worked in the construction and interior design industry... selling and designing spaces installing tile, stone, granite, cabinets, doors, hardwood flooring and millwork. She also consults part-time as an interior designer specializing in hard surfaces. Joy has also worked for numerous tile distributors and manufacturers over the years, her most recent employer being Fireclay Tile in Northern California. Joy worked as Fireclay’s Head Production Artist and Tile Designer sculpting and designing numerous tile lines. Joy started working in glass in April 2011 but was fascinated with glass long before she took her first bead-making class. Currently Joy works predominantly in “soft glass” creating nature and wildlife inspired beads as those themes have always been her passion. She works in low relief (bas relief) style similar of the type of tiles she used to design and sculpt. In 2018 Joy plans to experiment more with borosilicate glass to design a line of larger-scale wildlife sculptures.


  • beadmaking
  • casting
  • accept commissions
  • sculptor


Business Name:
12026 Medoc Ln.
San Diego, CA 92131