Jacqueline Hoffmann-Botquelen

Jacqueline Hoffmann-Botquelen



I have explored a wide range of techniques and materials for my artwork. In 1997, I fell in love with Glass, and the same year I took my first class. I visited many different glass classes and eventually I could build up valuable technical knowledge, which gave me the freedom I needed to develop my own expression, mostly with the “Pâte de verre” technique. PATHOS, EROS, MYTHOS, EPOS, are the key words of my artwork, which evolves through the years with each of all those reflections. Creating my own images, I fused them as ceramic digital images onto my glass surface. I “paint” the pâte de verre reliefs white as a canvas would be, with glass frits and powders. LED light I added to some wall panels. Those are some examples of my experimentations and desire to push forward my passion for the medium glass, to always keep it alive and flowing into my artwork.


  • painting
  • accept commissions
  • casting
  • kilnforming
  • Narative pâte de verre sculptural artworks.


Business Name:
Jacqueline Hoffmann-Botquelen
Florastrasse 53
Uster , ZH 8610