Jeanne-Sophie Aas Neoyookai

Jeanne-Sophie Aas Neoyookai

Oslo, , NORWAY


I'm a half french half norwegian stained glass artist based in Oslo. I have been working with glass since 2008 and creating artworks with a nontraditional approach to this old technique. I like to experiment with mixed media and allow glass art to meet fabric, metal or any material catching my eye. I'm in constant research and exploration within glass technique, visiting glass workspaces to gather new skills and inspiration. In my latest artworks, I've been looking for ways to create space and depth in my designs, steping aside the mosaic style of the stained glass technique. It resulted in working with layers, large background pieces and a lot of clear glass to keep the image humble, almost naked, emphasizing the characters.


  • painting
  • glassblower
  • fusing/slumping
  • coldwork/engraving
  • kilnforming
  • leaded/stained


Business Name:
Veslekroken 3 C
Oslo, N/A 0379