Ingrid Stuiver

Ingrid Stuiver

San Diego, CA, USA


I've always been completely enamored by the many facets of glass, especially with beams of light shining through to become dancing color prisms on the opposite wall.Glass has always fascinated me.  I've always loved sitting in the churches in EU, watching the colors from the stained glass windows dance on the walls.  In 2002, I won the lottery at the UCSD craft center to blow glass for 8 weeks. It was a wonderful experience and I always wanted to go back to it.  Following that initial experience, my first focus was on fused glass, starting with coasters and spoon rests.  As of 2 years ago, I ventured into glass blowing again thanks to Marty Marshall of Marshall Arts. After his passing, I've been glass blowing with Cary Sloan of San Diego Glass blowing.


  • kilnforming
  • accept commissions
  • fusing/slumping
  • glassblower


Business Name:
Blown Away by Ing
3566 Albatross Street
San Diego, CA 92103