Krista Israel

Krista Israel

Woudenberg, , NETHERLANDS


'We live in a fast changing society. I am deeply interested in the impact of our hyper-complex world on each of us as modern human beings. Rapid societal change, corporate globalization, war, technology, social media, climate change, the mass movement of displaced peoples between continents. These are vast and multi-facetted issues. The media bombard us with messages, images hit us, evoke astonishment or pain or amazement. It’s fair to ask how one person can understand and give to all this a visual interpretation that speaks to the viewer? For me, these feelings and emotions transform into personal images. During the often long journey of creating a tangible image, I look for answers to the questions, I examine both positive and negative effects, I seek to find some understanding'. --- 'All my objects combine glass with different materials -- silicon, car paint, computer wire, embroidery yarn, found objects, fabric, beads, rhinestones, steel and more. With each work, I experiment to find the glass technique that both physically supports and naturally articulates my narrative, giving the work what I think of as a fourth dimension'.


  • flame/lampworking
  • casting
  • accept commissions


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Krista Israel