Kenta Yasui

Kenta Yasui



Presently: Official Member of Modern Craftsmen and Artists Association, Japan I started in glass arts creation since 19 years old and it is about 29 years. I was born to a family of artists. My mother is famous fashion designer in Japan and father is a creative painter in Japan. For uplifting my artist culture, I went to Italy to learn and to acquire new idea regularly on annual basis. In addition to practical works in daily life, I apply variable color totems daringly to turn around the basic perception of general public. I started learning glass crafts since his 19 years old and started from glass factory in Tokyo. As we all know, earlier days of learning is most hard. The working commenced from 8:00 and 10 minutes break after 10:00, which followed with working hours between 10:10 till 12:00. Lunch break is 40 minutes. The working time in the afternoon begins from 12;40 and 20 minutes tea time break after 15:00. After that, the working hours last till 17:30. Later, I was transferred to glass factory in 群馬縣 with same working hours. And that the above working schedule applies to all learning period. Meaning that there was very little time for me to learn. I realized that learning was a matter of minutes and seconds. I arrived at the factory 5:00 in early morning every day and started cleaning and other housekeeping work, which lasted till 7:00. Then I started to learn glass skill. I learnt and practiced in the first 10 minutes break, the same applied to lunch break, except 10 minutes for filling stomach. 20 minutes tea time break was used in practice. The day ended at finish of factory sweeping after the working hours. Master Yasui took every minute to learn. I left home since I started his journey of glass skill learning. The happiest hours were occasional visits of my mother and enjoying a cup of coffee. Since 19 years old, I devoted myself to glass and my affection to glass superseded everything. I would not be regret to is glass. I treasures glass as my life. Some had said that arts creators are the most lonesome persons. When your people view my work,I hope to move them. Beneath cool glass, people can feel the warmth I had projected into it. People can feel the inner joy and loneliness. In different series of works, People have different experiences and surprises. When watching the works quietly, beyond eyes, you will come to the conclusion that my work is to be viewed by eyes and feel by heart.


  • flame/lampworking
  • accept commissions
  • painting
  • glassblower
  • fusing/slumping
  • leaded/stained
  • kilnforming
  • architectural/public
  • beadmaking
  • coldwork/engraving
  • casting


Business Name:
Kenta Yasui Glass Art Studio
7F.,No.8,Tianshui Rd. Datong Dist, Taipei City 10350 Taiwan(R.O.C)
Taipei, TPE 10305