Han de Kluijver

Han de Kluijver

Geervliet, , NETHERLANDS


Han de Kluijver (1950) studied interior design at the College of Art in Rotterdam. Next to that he obtained diploma’s in architecture and urban planning at the University of Architecture. Since 1985 he is working as an independent Architect and was the owner of “HDK Architects BNA BNI BNSP” until 2003. Next to the architectural work, Han is also working as (glass)artist Glass, a metaphor for space ‘What personally drives me as an architect is, funnily enough, freedom, despite being bound by the rules of the profession. This longing for freedom particularly pertains to a way of thinking, not wanting to be stuck in a specialisation or a certain pattern. With each design, a designer should strive to start anew in order to create new ideas. It is in art that I find this freedom: architecture cannot be fiction, whereas art can. My work as a glass artist serves as a catalyst and a source of inspiration. In my opinion, designing is a particularly optimistic activity. It demands an on-going curiosity for a new vocabulary of shapes. If you have mastered this basic attitude, you can design anything, from objects to complete buildings and even parts of a city. Working with new shapes offers me an artistic perspective that I can extrapolate to architecture. To show the core of my objects, I chose the material glass. Through the transparency of glass, it is possible to create architectural space. In a way, my glass objects are an architectural creation, an immutable mass in space. But as an architect you create space with glass walls and facades, whereas glass objects only create space in a figurative sense, making them a metaphor for the concrete spatial experience of architecture. Working in freedom on a glass object, I am sometimes touched by emotion. This feeling is the proof that an artwork ‘works’. When all the different components – light, dimensioning, details and materials – come together, you realise: this is the way it should be.’


  • accept commissions
  • glassblower
  • architectural/public
  • casting
  • kilnforming


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