Eric Hess

Eric Hess

Arlington, TX, USA


Eric Hess - Artist Statement My work explores the touchstones of life, examining the emotional and intellectual response to events that have effected my life. I address abuse, death, the ephemeral, greed and my ability to relinquish or take control. I want my work to be thought-provoking and challenge the viewer with the issues I address in my sculptures and installations. I develop work using glass, cement, video, ice, steel and ready-made objects. There are Platonic and existential aspirations that drive my work. I recognize that my work initially appears very simple in its presentation, but my sculptures and installations present very complex examinations of various issues. The need to express my life experiences is what drives my creative process. I develop contemplative works that rely on light and shadows to produce works that are thoughtful and dramatic.


  • casting
  • glassblower
  • kilnforming
  • coldwork/engraving


404 E. Border Street
Penthouse 406
Arlington, TX 76010