Manuel Raves Buchli

Manuel Raves Buchli



Manuel Raves Buchli aka Katsu Sure was born in 1988 in Engadin, a beautiful Valley located in the Swiss Alps. From a very young age Manu began to show signs that would eventually lead him to becoming a full time glass blower/artist. From creative drawings to monstrous Lego projects, from small home arts'n'crafts to elaborate sand castles at the beach, friends and family alike all knew Manu was destined to be an artist. These early signs, coupled with Manu's sheer will and determination in completing every task he sets before himself, along with his desire for a cleaner, safer and overall "better" quite simply, a recipe for success. Manu's first exposure to art culture was while growing up with his school friends from Zurich, where he spent most of his formidable years. Close friends Schösche, Muski, Remy and Janek would introduce him to street Graffiti. Manu fell in love with it and an artist was born! Missing times-past Manu can often be overheard speaking about his days in Zurich. His love and admiration for the people and their culture does not go unmentioned. "I really miss the streets of Zurich, the Zurisee and Uetliberg people in particular" says Buchli when asked about his days in Zurich. As a high-school graduate Manu decided to look into something a little more secure in regards to his employment. He had always dreamed of being famous, an actor or performer of sorts...even a musician. He always had his finger on the entertainment pulse, so to speak. But for now he would hone his artistic skills on the side for 3 years while he became an apprentice with a local Insurance Broker. At this time Manu was learning to draw and paint on canvas and seemingly overnight began creating amazing eye-popping space-scapes of the Universe. The apprenticeship concluded and Manu had managed to save up some money. He was ready to "take a shot" and hopped on a plane headed for Los Angeles, California. Here he would try, albeit in vain, to get his foot into the movie business door. However while doing so and through an unexplainable series of events, Manu found himself being introduced to people from the glass art scene at the Goose Fire Gallery in Long Beach, California. Art + Glass ??? Hmmmm, thought Buchli. Within days, if not within minutes or hours, Manu was hooked. He would set out to learn all he could in order to become a professional glass blower. Finally, a medium he truly loved. He would then attend his first glass exhibitions; Zach Puchowitz “Sketch” and Dellene Peralta “Elation Station”. Shortly after that he enrolled himself into a professional glass blowing course. Amazed by the versatility of this new medium and how endless the possibilities were, Manu knew he had found his calling. In order to complete his Civil Service he then had to return to Switzerland for a short period. Upon completion he returned to California (Berkley this time) to enroll in glass blowing course at Revere Glass. Learning many tricks of the trade from his instructors, whom included the likes of Phil Siegel, Etai Rahmil, Andy Roth, Brady Czekanski-Moir, Nick Scoliosis Slim, Sky and Chandler Ellis aka Purdy, Manu then graduated from the Revere School of Glass in December 2012. Saddened that his time in the United States was coming to a close and proud of his accomplishments thus far, Manu decided he deserved a gift and went out and purchased what he now claims as "the greatest purchase of my entire life"... a GTT Mirage Torch for glass blowing. State of the art, new, and powerful! 2013 rolled around and Manu found himself back in Switzerland searching for a place to live where he could also set up his glass shop. After a long search he found a place in March and moved in as soon as possible. Some minor alterations and a month later, the gas had arrived and the torch was live! Since then Manu Raves, aka Katsu Sure, has been tweaking and honing his skills. Slowly amassing his own collection for sale.


  • glassblower
  • flame/lampworking


Business Name:
Glashus Switzerland
Beglingen 10
Mollis, GL 8753