Chiara Antonietti

Chiara Antonietti

Turin, , ITALY


Born in 1977 in Turin, Italy. At the end of her studies in Japanese language in Venice in 2003, she discovered glass in Murano. During more than 10 years, collaborating with many maestros-glass (Claudio Tiozzo, Livio Serena, Matteo Seguso, Paolo Cenedese, Davide Penso, Franco Panizzi, Piero Zaniol...) she was allowed to contemplate the multiple expressive possibilities of Murano glass. She undertake in–depth research on glass aiming at fully understanding its perspicuous characteristics on technological, as well as artistic and historical, level. Her goal is to attain a perfect symbiosis between her self and glass, which, because of its heightened ductility, is an endless source of surprises. Her relationship with glass is therefore characterized by a sort of antagonism: on the one hand there is my overriding desire to exert complete domination over the material, making it conform to my own demands, on the other there is the intimate awareness of the large margin for “uncontrollability” of the end result that glass, because of its very nature. One of the most important characteristics of her aesthetic research is to turn her attention to glass textures made of canes and she had brought to the surface the infinite potential of glass playing with the juxtaposition between opacity and transparency. In giving body to specific forms, the glass is made to become water, ivory, ancient textiles, Morocco’s rugs, or it evoke, through its refined texture, the grain of wood itself, or the fascinating splendour of precious stones. After a series of experiments using lampworking, battuto, engraving, fusing and Murrina techniques she accrue a profound knowledge of the island’s glass and she felt the need to continue her artistic activity without any form of restraint. In mai 2017 She has studied at Pilchuck Glass School with Matteo Seguso & Suzanne Peck (grant). Directly influenced and inspired by textiles and by nature, Chiara works with a variety of materials including glass, paper, wood and metal. Chiara currently lives in Venice, Italy.


  • fusing/slumping
  • glassblower
  • flame/lampworking
  • coldwork/engraving
  • beadmaking


Corso Fiume 4
Turin, N/A 10133