Régis Anchuelo

Régis Anchuelo

Yzeure, , FRANCE


1995-1997: C.A.P Glass and Crystal Arts National School of Glass - Yzeure (03) 1997-1999: B.M.A Glass Blower National School of Glass - Yzeure (03) 1999-2000: Manufacture DAUM Vannes le Chatel - 54 2000-2003: Manufacture Baccarat Baccarat - 54 2003-2005: Palace of Glass Palau del Vidre - 66 2005: Opening of his blown glass workshop Cordes sur Ciel - 81 2015: Named "Meilleur Ouvrier de France"(Best Craftsman of France) Glassware, Crystalware, hot glass option: Glassware, Tableware 2016: Professor of blown glass National School of Glass - Yzeure (03)


  • glassblower
  • Regis Anchuelo's work involves blowing several pieces simultaneously and to assemble them hot to make a single and even work. Often the piece is pierced and its axis reversed in order to push the limits of matter further and further scenery possibilities. The know-how acquired during his apprenticeship in the large manufactures of Daum and Baccarat, mixed with his love Venetian techniques and the lightness of forms Scandinavians sign the miscegenation of his works. Some pieces are graven by engraving and satin by sandblasting, the glitter of the brilliant glass contrasts with sensuality, depth, the timidity of the frosted. His work is based on balance, yin and yang, brilliant and matt, technical complexity and simplicity of forms. The balance, the present moment ...


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69, Rue Parmentier
Yzeure, N/A 03400