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geir nustad



The Norwegian artist Geir Nustad makes unique sculptures in glass. Each object is hand blown by himself. He sees his work as reflections, objects that depict change over time. His main source of inspiration is the Norwegian nature and the mountains around Tromsø with their extreme elements which reflect the difference between winter and summer, dark and light. And similar to the world we live in, Geir has through his work, observed how people react to one another, looking at our relationship amongst strangers. This applies especially for his sculptures and grail work. For a thorough professional training as a glassblower he chose to study at Kosta Boda in Sweden, where he was taught the famous Grail technique. He became fascinated by the magical elements: glass, heat ,flames and smoke. During this time he also did internships in Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. Through his training and study at Kosta Boda, Geir learned the traditional techniques he now uses in his sculptures. The move to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam was a logical one. Here, he developed his own visual language; he experienced the concept of glass as a non-material. A visual expression that gives the glass the illusion of being other materials. He began experimenting and searching for new ways to challenge the glass .


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