Chenyue Yang

Chenyue Yang

Rochester, NY, USA


I am a very yang artist from China .Graduated from the China Academy of Art,. I spend long time in experimenting glass and develop my own language during research . I have been keep experimenting on casting boro glass.The high melting point of boro glass makes its expression very unique and plentiful in the furnace. As a young female , I see the process of creation as digging deeper into myself. When reviewing my own emotions and experiences, the soft, fragile, transparent nature of the glass became the best material for converting my ideas into works. I’m working on project my illusion into real world and intent to make viewer ask question about existential .


  • glassblower
  • flame/lampworking
  • casting


Business Name:
Chenyue Yang
280 Loden Lane
Rochester, NY 14623