Jarred Bourgholtzer

Jarred Bourgholtzer

Fort collins, CO, USA


JB started working with glass as a production artist for a company his brother managed in August of 2011. Originally from Saint Petersburg,FL. In 2017, he relocated to Fort Collins, CO. Early on, he pulled inspiration from other Glass artist such as William Morris/Raven Skyriver/Joe Peters(Evergreen Studios)/ Jason Lee/RAM/Tofolo/Zen Glass/Zvonick/ and so many others. He goes on to say, “Thank you to those who brought me up in glass, and taught me right from wrong. I owe my journey, and continuing passion to getting out there in the world of classes, and spending time with other artist”... JB has taken classes from most major players in the Contemporary American Pipe art Industry, he says “Classes are what got me here, and the push for more knowledge keeps me going daily”. He also draws inspiration from being raised in the booming art community of Saint Petersburg, Florida. JB recalls constantly being inspired by the Graffiti, and street art scene in his home town, and educating himself on artist such as Dalí/Escher/Basquiat/Haring/AlexGrey/Banksy "My friends growing up were apart of the street art scene, they really taught me about art when I was young. I always looked up to the older kids in that crew getting there art out in the world. I knew I wanted to do the same." He strives daily to experiment with all facets of art, and glassworking. JB hosted his first solo show in the summer of 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida. That year, he went on to host 3 other solo shows across Florida featuring high end Pipe Art. In 2017 he hosted only one show, located at Zen Glass in Saint Pete, FL. He presented 2 bodies of work JB & Lerker. This was the first time publicly he presented both his bodies of work at once, and the first time people found out who the face behind Lerker was! He pushes himself, and the medium to it’s limits daily. his message to others, “Always pursue educational opportunities, constantly implement advanced techniques into your growing body of work to help define you as the artist, and to push your own limits, make it a goal to connect others viewing your work with something unknowingly connectable, above all Stay Gold.” IG: @Jb_Glass and @Lerk_The_World


  • glassblower
  • beadmaking
  • flame/lampworking


Business Name:
JB Glass Jarred Bourgholtzer