Dawid Stroyny

Dawid Stroyny

Newcastle Upon Tyne / London, XXX, UNITED KINGDOM


Dawid grew up in Poland in the 1980s. Determined to find his own unique creative expression, Dawid drew inspiration from the art, design and architecture of a Poland in transition, turning away from Central Europe and orienting itself towards Western Europe. “On arriving in the UK in 2004 I discovered a new world of cultural possibilities. It seemed that individual expression was not only tolerated here, but celebrated. I was a frequent visitor at galleries and museums, soaking up ideas from the art I experienced.” Working with forms and materials of diverse colours and finishes in order to have the widest possible vocabulary to express his ideas, Dawid has found himself returning time and again to the subject of the individual’s struggle for freedom from oppression. Dawid’s hope is that his audience will see themselves, as they see him, in the work, connecting with their own experience of integration and alienation. If he secures such a connection, then he will judge his work to have been successful. Dawid's work concerns itself with themes of sexuality, death, religion, body, and the correlation and relationship between all of them. The majority of his pieces are inspired by autobiographical memories. “I am attracted to artists who dare to expose themselves to ridicule or hostility by representing the more controversial aspects of human nature. I think this rebelliousness in me is a response to the prohibition with which I grew up in Poland. I see myself continuing to be excited by my own mischievous spirit, and look forward to the many ways in which I can challenge my audience. It’s also important for me to be seen not just as a technically accomplished craftsman, but as a conceptual artist.” Dawid works mainly with the cast glass technique. He completed his BA (Hons) in Glass and Ceramics in 2017, with the MA in 2019. His work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries including: National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia), Centre for Contemporary Art (Prague), Morean Art Centre (St Petersburg) and Business Design Centre (London).


  • coldwork/engraving
  • accept commissions
  • kilnforming
  • fusing/slumping
  • casting


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Dawid Stroyny