Peter Jacobsen

Peter Jacobsen

Tacoma, WA, USA


Peter Jacobsen grew up in Tacoma Washington and began blowing glass when he was twelve years old in the hilltop artists program. Immediately falling in love with the medium of glass, he began volunteering and working at different shops every day. 7 years later, Peter Jacobsen is now 19 years old and taking a gap year between high school and college to work and apprentice with different glass artists around the world. He is currently apprenticing with Grant and Erin Garmezy, and has worked with glass artists Dan Friday, Jason Christian, Raven Skyriver, Dale Chihuly, Pino Signoretto, Antoine Pierini, and others. Peter has worked at Pilchuck glass school and is planning on working there again this summer. Next year he will be pursuing a BFA in sculpture at Alfred university.


  • glassblower
  • accept commissions
  • flame/lampworking
  • coldwork/engraving


Business Name:
Peter Jacobsen Art
721 North Yakima Ave
Tacoma, WA 98403