Victoria Rondot

Victoria Rondot

Grove City, OH, USA


My background in the arts began slowly with a strong sculptural and craft background. I began my art education in 2011, and blowing glass in 2013. I am now a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BFA in Glass Blowing. In 2018 I began working as a Teaching Assistant and Resident Gaffer, for the OSU Glass Program. In future, I plan on continuing my education, experience, and membership in the glass community. I have been a process orientated maker since my first dabbles into art. The repetition and focus on detail has draws out new meaning for me in whatever medium I chose to work in. Be it in the Hot Shop, Kilns, or the Cold Shop. I seek to share my interpretations of complex subject matter in order to educate myself, others, and grow as an artist and person.


  • glassblower
  • coldwork/engraving
  • Instillation, Multimedia


Business Name:
Rondot Glass
2115 Stonington Lane
Grove City, OH 43123