Sunniva Bernhardsson

Sunniva Bernhardsson

Täby, , SWEDEN


ARTISTIC STATEMENT I have worked with sculpture during several years. I have worked with model and portraits in two collective studios for artists for many years having model and taking commissions while working part time. One was a sculpture, a pair, in life-size made in bronze for a house complex and company hotel. “The journey of life”. I think my interest for glass comes from the possibility to combine 3-dimensional form with fluent colours and light and being able to have both transparency and opaque glass. I am primely interested in kiln casting among the different glass technics because of the glass has not only skin and sides but volume and depth that can represent time in many ways, (eternal life, time of the moment, still life). It is also a medium to see something from different angels and perspectives. Kiln forming glass is a time-consuming technic to develop with moulds and firing / annealing schedules witch easily can make you occupied only with that and with less focus on expression. I have no being focused a long time on the technical aspects to get a basic language but I would very much like to work more also with ideas, thoughts, feelings and metaphors. It´s something I/one first have to find within yourself and then have as a starting point for expressing your own experiences or to understand/ reflect further to present as something in a more general form/installation. I think It is important for me to be in an in virement where this kind of work are focused upon to get further. Participating in a Masterclass at North lands Creative 2015 with Colin Reid gave me more technical skills with glass and also a freedom to work more spontaneously finding ideas and forms while exploring the nature, to transform with lost wax and cold working into new forms/objects. Now I want to work more about relations and leave more classic sculpture modelling. I want to try to show that there is both an internal and external side of a person’s identity. Sometimes they differ and sometimes only parts can be seen for others. Growth and balance is other questions to investigate. I find it also interesting to see the same persons and situations from a multi perspective. I think the masterclass with Silvia Levenson supported this process very well.


  • kilnforming
  • casting
  • accept commissions
  • fusing/slumping


Sälgvägen 14
Täby, N/A 18735